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Direct mail gives you 100% exclusive leads. You are the only one they call.

Direct mail also gives you the highest quality lead available. Consumers trust direct mail more than any other media.


Trigger leads are customers trying to refinance, purchase or get a reverse mortgage - right now.

70% of these consumers have applied at a big bank. You know the service they are getting and the price they are paying - and YOU CAN BEAT THEM.

Both Purchase and Refinance trigger campaigns work - very consistently.

Trigger Data is always new and there is a lot of it. These campaigns work.


You can use our data suppliers or your preferred supplier. 

There is only one main data set in mortgage - the Homeowner File.

Every time you close a deal it is recorded at the courthouse. This creates the Homeowner File.

Homeowner mortgage data is .07 per record. This includes LTV, origination date, loan type, lender, age, loan amount, property type, etc.

The credit bureaus add credit information to the  Homeowner File. These include fico score, late payments, revolving debt amounts, etc.

FICO scored data is .18 per record through Mail Wholesale. We access the Experian Platform.

The credit bureaus also create and sell Trigger Leads. When a consumer applies for a home loan, their credit is pulled.
This "Trigger Lead" is sold by the credit bureaus the same day.

Think of triggers leads as a line of customers waiting to be helped. These mail campaigns are very successful.

Trigger Leads are .33 each through Mail Wholesale.


This is a critical part of what we do. Make no mistake - the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking at the industry.

No matter who prepares your mail, make sure you carefully review your mailer for compliance.


You can target by loan type: VA, FHA, HECM, HARP, conventional, jumbo, purchase, refinance, cash-out, etc.

Target by loan size, fico, interest rate, age and LTV.

We will help you to target your very best prospects, in any geographic area you want.


Your mail can be printed in 48 hours and in consumers hands in as little as 7 days - at just .44 cents per piece.


With over 40 million letters mailed, we know what is working, right now. We will make your phones ring.

You don't have to gamble and you don't have to guess. We have the experience to tell you who to target and what to mail.

Call for samples and a free consultation on strategies that are working today.

FREE Consultation.

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Call 1-800-361-0834 Now For FREE Full Size Samples, Strategies & Data Counts.
All letters are custom designed for your company.

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Manufactured Homes

Refinance with Custom Payments

Trigger Refinance Snap Pack

Debt Consolidation Snap Pack

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VA Streamline

VA Streamline

HECM / Reverse

FHA Insurance Removal


Call 1-800-361-0834 Now For FREE Full Size Samples, Strategies & Data Counts.
All letters are custom designed for your company.

HECM / Reverse


 HARP with Custom Payments

FHA Refinance

VA Streamline

Cash-Out Refinance with Payments

Print on the Back

Customized With Payments

Refinance with Custom Payments

Call 1-800-361-0834 Now For FREE Full Size Samples, Strategies & Data Counts.
All letters are custom designed for your company.

Our copyrighted indicia looks like First Class Mail. 

Our double window envelope shows your information through the return address window - in full color - for just .44 each.

We print in full variable color. Your mail looks smart and professional.

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Strategy, Targeting, Design, Postage, Printing, Paperwork & Delivery Into Mailboxes Included

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